Monday, May 2, 2011

Ryan's Father

     Ryan's Father is my debut novel about a young teacher who deals with the issue of same sex attraction. As a committed Christian, he determines not to fall into the lifestyle but is helpless over his inclinations. Sandy Arrington is the daughter of a wealty cardiologist who falls in love with Ryan. Yet, her love is not the source of the freedom Ryan seeks. The story is set in magnificent western Washington.
     As the year 2009 ended, I had no idea of the journey the Lord would take me on. I had never written fiction before. My experience with writing had always been in the academic world during my college years and teaching career.
     For about five years before, I had a story lurking in the back of my mind. On occasion I'd bring it out and mull it over. Then in November of 2009, my daughter Susan and I were talking, and I happened to tell her about the story. She made the casual comment that I should write it. Her remark became the spark that set me on my way.
     The Lord has given me a desire to write stories about Christians who struggle with sin in their lives and how through the power of God and His word, they find victory. Ryan's Father is one example. I have plenty of other ideas floating around in my head. God willing, I will finish writing the trilogy I've begun which also takes place in Washington state and deals with the issues of anger, an additive personality, and healing from the sin of abortion.


cbalmony said...

So thrilled to be the first to comment!!! Just wanted to say that your gift for speaking for those who need a voice is extraordinary. Keep doing what you're doing. Your critique partners are blessed by you. Your readers will be also!

Gail Pallotta said...

Nice blog. What a beautiful picture, and what a fun thing to be doing.

Sean MacKenzie said...

Sounds interesting, June. I think the Christian market and even the secular market needs to touch more on these topics.


Mildred Colvin said...

Such a beautiful picture, just as your story of Ryan's struggle is when he faces the One who can bring order and forgiveness to the seeking heart. Many should read Ryan's Father.

Coffee-Girl said...

Beautiful Blog. Great Pictures. Congratulations

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