Monday, October 20, 2014

Author Spotlight Shines on Kimberly Johnson

Holly Miller Is Steering Clear of Mistletoe 
Just out of nursing school, Holly can't risk any distractions. She knows a slipup could cost a life. Like the mistake she made years ago that still plagues her conscience. When she runs into old high school friend Matthew Cook, she hesitates to let romance into her life. Even if the handsome baker is as delectable as his fabulous pastries. 
She didn't notice him back in high school, but things have sure changed. Now that Matthew has Holly's attention, maybe the holiday season is the perfect time for him to show her that she deserves to have it all—work, family, friends and a love that lasts a lifetime.


Kimberly Rose Johnson holds a degree in Behavioral Science from Northwest University. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two teenage sons, and their yellow lab. She writes sweet Christian romance for Heartsong Presents and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. She enjoys taking long walks with her husband and dog, reading, dark chocolate and time with friends.
You may contact Kimberly via her website at

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Feature Sweet Mountain Music Book Review

Sweet Mountain Music by Suzie Johnson kept me clicking the pages of my kindle until the final chapter and the epilogue. Filled with adventure, laughs, and beautiful vistas in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state, the story enchanted me.

Chloe Williston belongs in the twenty-first century instead of the nineteenth. Though her austere father, owner of the Cedar Ridge newspaper, thinks women should be seen and not heard, she won’t have any of it. She must prove she can write stories as well as any male reporter.

Undaunted, Chloe and her brother Caleb finagle their way on Ben Kearny’s research trip into the Cascades in search of Sasquatch. Though a relationship is the last thing either Ben or Chloe wants, sparks fly the moment they meet. It’s hard for Chloe to ignore Ben’s rich mellow singing voice offering sweet mountain music.

Suzie Johnson has thoroughly researched this story set in 1896. The author’s descriptions drew me into the tale and kept me reading. I laughed when hero, Ben Kearny, remarks that “a man could get sunburned tonsils from looking up all the time and trying to take it all in.” From a faced pace start until the ending, this novel will not disappoint. 5 stars

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Devotions for Tuesday

 The Secret
I stumble and fall. I'm frazzled and flustered and berate myself for my mistakes. My humanness gets me in trouble every time. Can't I do any better than this? But Jesus says that's why he died on a cross, for me - for my mistakes and humanness, faults and sins, great or small. He can do better when I can't.

Instead of beating up on myself, I draw near to Him who is near to me and in me. Sure I try my best, but my best is pathetic compared to His best. He can accomplish His best in me. Hallelujah! He has overcome.

Why didn't I understand this before? I am working out my salvation day by day. Today I understood a secret. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Author Spotlight Shines on Gina Holmes Today

Driftwood Tides
Tyndale House
Sept. 2014
He made himself an island until something unexpected washed ashore.When Holton lost his wife, Adele, in a freak accident, he shut himself off from the world, living a life of seclusion, making drifwood sculptures and drowning his pain in gin. Until twenty-three-year-old Libby knocks on his door, asking for a job and claiming to be a friend of his late wife. When he discovers Libby is actually his late wife’s illegitimate daughter, given up for adoption without his knowledge, his life is turned upside down as he struggles to accept that the wife he’d given saint status to was not the woman he thought he knew.

Together Holton and Libby form an unlikely bond as the two struggle to learn the identity of Libby’s father and the truth about Adele, themselves, and each other.

Gina Holmes is the founder of Novel Rocket, regularly named as one of Writers Digest’s best websites for writers. Her debut, Crossing Oceans,was a Christy and Gold Medallion finalist and winner of the Carol Award, INSPY, and RWA’s Inspirational Reader’s Choice, as well as being a CBA, ECPA, Amazon and PW bestseller. Her sophomore novel, Dry as Rain was a Christy Award finalist. Her latest novel, Wings of Glass has been named as one of the best books of the year by Library Journal and was a SIBA Okra pick and a finalist for Romantic Times’ Reviewers Choice Award. She holds degrees in science and nursing and currently resides with her family in southern Virginia. She works too hard, laughs too loud, and longs to see others heal from their past and discover their God-given purpose. To learn more about her, visit
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Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Feature Book Excerpt

Today we are featuring an excerpt from Ryan's Father, my most recently released full length novel.  (my novella Red and the Wolf is the newest release)

I hope you enjoy this excerpt

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Darkness shrouded the house, not a light shined. She hadn’t expected to work today, or
she’d have left them on. She had enough trouble walking into the dark place when her
parents were home asleep. But they weren’t due in until tomorrow. The familiar panic
crept up her spine. She couldn’t go in alone. What if there was damage, looters?
He probably expected her to get out, but she was frozen. A deep breath didn’t give her
Ryan’s stomach growled.
The way to a guy’s heart was through his stomach. Wasn’t that the old adage? Anything
to get him to stay. “Hey, I bet you haven’t eaten. Let me fix you something. You’re
probably starving.”
Another time. Really.” He gripped the steering wheel, but she needed his presence just a little longer.
She slipped a hand to her hip. “I’m not taking no for an answer.” Piling out of the car, she dashed around the front and opened the driver’s door. “It’s the least I can do for a guy who drove me to work and home.” A bold move, but she was desperate. “Now come on.
Get out.” She laughed. “I bet you’ve never been manhandled by a girl before.” You got that right. Especially a Kung Fu expert.” He stared up at her, closed his eyes for a moment, and opened them. “All right.” He climbed out of the car. Though he seemed to be digging his sneakers into the pavement, her grip impelled him along. She pulled her keychain out of her purse, unlocked the door, and with one more yank, drew him inside. With a flip of the switch, the entry lights came on. She took in a
deep breath. Ryan’s mouth fell open as they stepped farther into the great hallway. He lifted his chin to look up at the ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling and slowly took in the circular staircase which led to the second floor. “This place is huge.” Sandy tensed every muscle. The large house was part of the problem. She’d probably feel safer in a smaller one, but she couldn’t move out yet. She shivered. “Please, just walk
with me while I turn on all the lights and check the place.” If he thought her an idiot, she didn’t care. She couldn’t do this alone......

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